Double Barrel

About the Toobz

Toobz Audio systems are constructed from rugged PVC and are coated with a tough, bed liner-grade paint.  All Toobz systems have marine water-resistant speakers, 200-watt amplifiers, and a water-resistant enclosure to protect from the elements and enhance durability.  Every Toobz is handcrafted and fully tested prior to shipment.        
​Toobz Audio systems may be a little more expensive than other systems, but in our case you really get what you pay for.  Rather than use inexpensive signal enhancers or boosters like most of our competitors, we use high-end automotive amplifiers for superior sound quality and volume control.  We're certain you'll find Toobz Audio systems to be superior to any product on the market, which is why they're backed by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.        
Now with additional options for Bluetooth or Cigarette Lighter Plug!
​  All Toobz Audio Systems feature :
- Rugged PVC construction - Water-resistant enclosure and speakers 
​ - Industrial-grade coatings - High-power amplifiers
- 30-day satisfaction guarantee

Toobz Audio LLC

The Noise 

The Monster

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The Great Outdoors...Family, Friends, Toys...and Tunes!

Toobz Audio LLC brings you the best speaker systems for ATV’s, UTV’s, boats, motorcycles, dune buggies, mowers, tractors, trailors and whatever else you can think of... The possibilities are endless! Just plug in your MP3 player or phone and GO!

This sound system is for the person that wants most out of a "tube" speaker system.  Our Noise Toobz delivers superior sound having large speakers and a ported enclosure-- it will definitely get you noticed!


This set-up is perfect for any application.  Put on your ATV, mount on your boat, hook them up in your trailer...they will go anywhere you want them to go...and sound good doing it.

When you have to be the life of the party.  The perfect Toobz is here!  

Blow-you-away volume and multi-directional sound.

"I wanted to let you know I am very satisfied with my Toobz I ordered.  I currently have 4 others and a ammo blaster that this thing blows away.  I was actually able to ride and hear the music over my bike.  I highly recommend you to anyone."

Carl from Livingston, Louisiana

February 2014

The Riot

Our newest member of the Toobz family, meet "The Riot."  This Toobz has the versatility of the Double Barrel with the force of the Monster.  It doesn't get any better than this.  

  Now with Bluetooth options!

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